Go Green and Save the Environment With Dual Use Battery Chargers – Ch-USB Chargers Save Money

With the advent of depriving natural resources and increasing waste, we all need to pitch in to help save the environment. Everyday more and more trash is thrown out instead of being recycled. We need to do our part to save, not trash the environment. Time is a big factor and we need to move forward with reusing and recycling to reduce our impact on the environment. https://www.energysavinggenie.co.uk/

There are tons of ways to save our natural resources. They are all fairly easy to do, but it is the little things that can have the greatest impact. Rather than purchasing single items, why not buy in bulk form any supermarket or warehouse? You will save money off the cost of your items and will be helping manufacturers use less packaging materials. You will save money and reduce your impact on the environment. Another easy habit to break is turning off the water while brushing your teeth. Leaving the water on is wasteful and aids in depleting our natural water sources. Turning off the water will save thousands of gallons of fresh water annually. Shortening your showers will also save thousands of gallons of clean, drinkable water a year.

In today’s technology driven, mobile world people are looking for multipurpose battery chargers that can charge more than one device. Every day we charge our MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, two-way radios, PDA, GPS, and much more using batteries. It can become a hassle dragging around tons of chargers for every electronic device you own. Accessory Genie has a mini charger that you can use to charge camera batteries or plug in the USB cord and charge cell phones and other electronic devices that run through a USB port. You will save space and energy using a dual purpose charger for your electronic devices.

A big environmental problem is batteries and the waste they leave behind after each use. As more and more batteries are purchased and thrown away we begin to realize that we have a problem on our hands. Batteries contain chemicals unsafe and difficult to recycle. Even store-initiated battery take back programs admit that most of the batteries are ultimately thrown out in the trash. There are few battery recycling facilities in the United States and they cannot handle all the batteries given to them. Resources and funding has been low in this field. It is a smart and environmentally friendly decision to buy rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries may cost a few extra dollars but over time you are saving money because you do not need to buy new batteries every time the battery dies. You simply place the batteries in a charger and wait a couple of hours generally, but could be less depending on the charger you have. See a detailed explanation of the various rechargeable batteries and chargers.

We all need to go green by using rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. These batteries can be charged thousands of times. Imagine one battery replacing a thousand batteries for a few dollars more. The savings are outrageous. You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on battery purchases, while keeping the environment a cleaner place. The only waste from rechargeable batteries is the energy used to recharge the batteries. There is a solution for that now, solar batteries and solar battery chargers.

Solar chargers do not use energy, but rather produce energy. These are still in their infancy stages of production. Solar battery chargers are new and in the development phases. Some have been put on the market, but none have been perfected yet. In the future it will be wise to switch to rechargeable batteries that run off a solar charger. SOLIO is a good source for quality solar battery chargers. This is the optimal method to reduce waste, save the environment, and save money in our wallets. It’s a win-win situation that needs to be marketed more to the masses.

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